Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Indoor Fans

I thought I would impart a little of my wisdom i have gained about fans.
I was reading one of my fav blogs, here, and saw she was talking about fans. So instead of leaving a quick and quiet comment, I thought I would write a whole post!

- The most important thing is to pay a few extra bucks and get a qualified and licenced sparky to install the fan. Not doing this will void your warranty, and most issues do arise in the first few months.
- Ensure the electrician balances the fan when installing it. This will mean that the blades will balance each other, meaning less noise and less wear and tear on the motor.
- After installation, let the fan run for about 4 hours, to wear it in! It will make some scary noises, but it helps avoid them later on - in colder months - go out or it'll drive you CRAZY!!!
- Fans with timber blades are MUCH quieter. Use these in bedrooms and studies, when installing timber blades it is really important you request the electrician to balance timber blades, as timber is obviously a natural material and the weight of these will differ slightly.
- Fans with timber, plastic and rattan blades are great a feature pieces, but please remember they date - quickly!
- Fans are great in both winter and summer. Most fans have a little switch on the motor housing that will change the direction in which the blades rotate. In winter it helps circulate the air near the ceiling towards the floor and visa-versa in summer. Fans can really reduce heating costs if used properly!
- Don't use fans in a room with already establish downlights. Even if the blades are some distance from the lights, it can create a disco like effect in the room! If you do already have downlight, try and get a downlight globe with narrow beam angle!
If you are using a fan in a small bedroom, go for a shorter blade length, and try and incorporate a light into it. This eliminates clutter and you don't need a whole lotta stuff going on on the ceiling to detract from the room and your furniture.

Futura fans from Beacon Lighting are great fans, and a model I personnally sold a LOT of when i worked at Beacon. They appeal to differnt tastes, styles and are resonably priced.

The one shown here, has a halogen light built in too! This fan is lovely in white and really classic. It's also perfect for people who hate fans, it doesn't take over a space and looks really modern yet simple!
Do really allocate some time to buy a fan, there are lots on the market, and with most things, it pays to invest a little more in them! Having said that, if you are not going to need a $500 fan in a room used twice a year!
Beacon have a good website, with a helpful FAQ's page:
Have a look, visit a few showrooms, and make time to speak to a sales person about it! Beacon also offer a Lighting Design Service, take advantage of this! I used to do it - the staff love doing it, as they really get to help you personalize your lighting (and they get out of the store for an hour!!) and you get someone seeing your home, colours and furniture help you decide what products really are going to suit your life and home! There is a $50 fee, but if you are building renovating or redecorating its great(and cheaper than having to replace a light fitting!) , and it is refundable which your next purchase!
** Please note, the above is my opinion only and does not reflect any views or preferences of Beacon Lighting. I am not employed by Beacon, nor do I receive any commission or financial incentive from them for the above information. These are my views and opinions exclusively, I have just wanted to share some of the knowledge I have gained from using and selling the products. Please be aware there are many other products on the market that may be more suitable to your needs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I know I don't have an enormous following, if any, but if you do read this blog you have to go to the following link, just to see how beautiful some people creations can be!!

I can only dream of being able to own, let along, create something this gorgeous, and I LOVE the fabric.
Please have a look!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New fav Blogs

I have been doing a little more wandering in the world of blogs as of late and have found some fabulous ones! I love the names so much, and I love reading about these other lives!
You can tell I'm still getting used to this blogging thing - but I love it!!! is absolutely gorgeous! There is a post - Compliments she'll love - all men, well all nice men, should know these but sometimes they don't! Its so true that a simple sentence, apposed to a quick 'thanks', can make such a difference to ones day! - the colours in the photos just invoke so many different reactions! I love beautiful combinations! - i really love this blog, being an Aussie helps, but she has a dream life to me! I would love to live in Melbourne and spend my days making gorgeous creations. It makes me want to lie in the grass and stare at the cloud - deep I know!!! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just wanted to share my anxieties of my new project. It is my Mum's birthday next week, and she has requested some fabulous pajamas. When my glorious friend was working at a fabric and patch working shop, there was a beautiful pair of PJ's hanging over the front counter, in the most gorgeous Moda fabric. But the pattern had sold out! I had been planning on eventually making these for mum, and the idea got stored in the '' day" project box. But when Mum said she needs new pajamas, the idea popped back out again!
Of course, gorgeous friend has since left the beautiful shop, A2F, and began her new uni adventure! So it was going to be a cross my fingers and hope they still had the... pattern project!
So one fine Saturday morning, my mum and I bounced off to find some fabric, and pray the shop still had the pattern.

Picture is courtesy of

We had one of those magical moments in a shop, when you find exactly what you wanted, (although you didn't know you did!) in a matter of minutes! Grabbed the pattern, which was in plentiful supply, and ventured over to the patchwork fabric and viola! New fabric from Michael Miller in the Ginger Blossom collection jumped out and grabbed us both!

Pictures courtesy of A2F and Michael Miller website

We have matched the Water lily print with a glorious pale pink spot fabric and a mint green little spot fabric. I am making the pajama's on the right in the above picture. So the top will be mainly the water lillies, and the pants mainly in the pale pink spot fabric, with the contrast being the mint green spots!
I'm really excited about it, although it looks a little technical! Will keep updated with progress photos!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One of my favorite blogs has listed a seriously glorious, quick post on blue, and more importantly blue Hydrangeas!
I love this blog, she is a seriously stylish lady, with timeless taste! Always has images to delight!!
Have a look!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Stitching up a storm

I have spent the last couple of days re-embracing my love of all things crafty and embroidery and have discovered some amazing blogs and websites.
I am so excited about an Australian website of all things stitchery, I did make a few little purchases and I can't wait until they arrive. Especially the baboshka doll cross stitch.

I first saw this on one of my new fave blogs, threebuttons. I love this Aussie blog, it is all things yummy. The cross stitch was in the back ground of her desk, and I remembered how much i love baboshka dolls, thank you threebuttons (such a cute name) for reminding me!!!!
I find it so frustrating that I can't find anything like this in the big shops like spotlight and lincraft, maybe i need to look harder, but it seems to be getting harder and harder to find beautiful, interesting cross stitches and patterns outside of the Internet. Having said this, my local gorgeous embroidery shop has just expanded! I'm so excited!!!
Am hoping to broaden my crafty surroundings and do a class soon!
So many projects so little time!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Dream Dining Room

This would be perfect in my current townhouse as we have limited room - we even have a perfect nook! Polished floorboards would make a HUGE difference as well. Plus that wall of framed pictures/photographs really add character to the space.

Sarah Jessica Parkers Dining room - even though blue does not dominate the room - it has that little spark in the candelabra. This was posted on Absolutly Beautiful Things a while ago - love it too much.

I know I'm doubling up for today but I just couldn't help myself. I have finally narrowed down some ideas for my dream dining setting/room. All of these looks will go beautifully with my gorgeous meat safe (picture to come later, but it's a big four door cabinet, approx 1920's with fly wire instead of door panels and side walls, painted a very vintage white).